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Van Interior Shelving Unit 2

Need help getting organized or creating more space inside your van?  Looking for protection for your valuable tools and equipment? At Action Glass, we can create a more efficient work space for your tools and materials while assisting with keeping these expensive investments out of sight.  With the right experience and expertise, Action Glass designs and upfits contractor vans to help you surpass your competition and fulfill all your accessory needs– on and off the road.


Air Horns

Powered with compressed air, van and trucks can be upfitted with a top of the line warning device.

Bed Liners & Mats

Bed liners are a great way to protect the inner-side of a van or truck bed from damage and can prevent fine-grained cargo such as sand or dirt from sifting between the sides and the rear door.

Bed Rails

Truck bed rails create tie down locations for safely carrying cargo between locations and enhance the look of any work truck.

Bins & Racks

Door Storage Trays can be mounted to the rear or side door of your van, multipurpose door 0rganizers have various styles of trays to store everything from aerosol cans to small parts, small, handheld tools.

Action Glass offers lockable lockers for vans and light commercial vehicles. We use an optimal mix of lightweight yet strong materials to make our units both durable and practical for industrial strength usage.

The use of interior shelves gives you greater access while preventing tools & loose objects stored from falling on the floor. Our shelves can be upfitted with a “VIBRASTOP” system or plastic inserts that isolate the dividers from the unit to help reduce vibration noise. We customize these based on your storage capacity and needs!

Authorized Distributor of Ranger

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Emergency Lighting

In construction or work for public safety & law enforcement? We offer a wide variety of internal and external mounted emergency lighting including sirens, light bars, deck lights, grill lights, headlight flashers, auxiliary siren systems, beacons, emergency lighting systems and auto LED lighting.

Floor Mats

High perimeter wall floor mats offer maximum protection and containment as it channels snow, dirt and mud away from shoes.

Grill Inserts

We have a great selection of grill inserts for your Car, SUV or Truck. So whether its chrome, another metal or plastic, they are easy to install and cover your factory front grill seamlessly.  We also offer some custom grills if you want to fully replace your existing grill.

Hitch Installation and Accessories

Not enough cargo space inside your truck or van? Towing a boat?  We can add a hitch strong enough to tow or pull any trailer as needed.

Ladder & Roof Racks

These racks allow  you to carry one of your longest equipment pieces securely with locking brackets and rubber straps.  We can customize your ladder rack system to allow for lowering on the side of your van as well.  Whatever your needs are, we can customize your top or side rack to meet your requirements and needs.

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We can customize bulkhead partitions to guard against shifting cargo and provide added security for your contents.  These partitions can be full-width, driver side or passenger side specific.

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Plow Lighting

Living in New England, you have to be ready for the winters!   For safety concerns, add plow lights to you plow truck to be properly seen Plows here need want by other drivers in the midst of the most dense flurries.

Power Tailgate & Lock

Add the convenience of a power tailgate to make locking and unlocking your tailgate from your truck’s cab as easy as locking and unlocking your side doors. It also doubles to provide security for equipment and other items stored on your truck bed.

Running Boards & Steps

We offer a variety of running boards and step options for your van, truck or XL SUV.  Stationary running boards offer height convenience with low cost.  Electric Steps & Running Boards are triggered by your vehicle’s factory door sensors and when you open your door, they drop to a convenient stepping height.  Closing your door signals their retraction.  Side Step Bars offer easy access plus a little style.

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Strobe Lighting

Roof mounted overhead strobe lighting allows for people to see you coming, whether for emergency purposes or for plows.

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Tonneau Covers

To protect your truck bed contents from the weather and theft, we can add a lightweight, soft or hard Tonneau Cover.  We offer a variety of retractable and folding truck bed covers for all pickup truck needs.

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Trailer Wiring & Lighting

We can wire your trailer for full functionality including lighting functions for turn signals, starts and stops.We can also wire for auxiliary functions including electric trailer brake controls, backup lights in addition to a 12V power supply.

Vent Shades/Rain Guards

Vent shades and rain guards protect without drivers to keep you dry in the rain and cool in the heat.  Add perfectly molded vent shades and rain guards made of high grade materials for long lasting functionality and holding their color over time.

Window Integration

Originally bare, windowless full-size fleet trucks and vans come pretty basic which gives them limited functionality.  But they don’t have to stay that way!  Action Glass can convert them to maximize usage of this standard vehicle with added side and rear windows.

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