Action Glass, LLC is not limited to just vehicle upgrades.  We provide some atypical repair services on both domestic and imported vehicles.  We ensure that every job is completed with nothing short of precision and excellent service.  We have made a commitment to all of our customers to address any and every concern by providing them with the very best service we can deliver.  Priding ourselves on being fully knowledgeable and talented problem-solvers in our industry, we owe it to our customers to give them the very best work possible.

Air Conditioning Service & Installation

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean it should be in your car!  We offer complete air conditioning repair and installation solutions for all your vehicle. So whether it’s hoses, refrigerant, EVAC, compressors or other auto air  conditioning parts and service, we keep your car running cool and comfortable when you need it most.

Door Glass Diagnosis Repair & Installation

Among the many control components installed in every vehicle, the window regulator raises and lowers window glass.  We diagnose, service and repair your vehicle to like-new condition.

Power Locks Service & Installation

Want to upgrade your car for easy door access and functionality? We can repair or convert any vehicle with manual door locks to power central locking.

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Power Window Service & Installation

It’s 2013 and the days of crank windows are over!  Let Action Glass update your vehicle with power windows for the side doors and rear windows to rebuff the cold or enjoy the breeze.

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Sunroof Diagnosis & Repair

Sunroof water leaks can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs and depreciation of your vehicle.  Left in disrepair, water damage can further cause corrosion of electrical components.  We can help!

Water Leak Diagnosis & Repair

Just like sunroof water leaks, window seals and window leaks can internal electrical damage and metal frame corrosion.  This can all contribute to the framing deterioration and safety issues.

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