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Action Glass, LLC is a full-service glass and vehicle upgrade facility servicing all makes and models of vehicles including luxury, imported, classic, sports cars and tractor trailers, and off road construction equipment. We provide everything from a windshield replacement & factory car stereo upgrade to beautiful, custom-designed vehicle upgrades and interiors. Stepping up from the norm, we also perform van upfitting, additional window installation and other accessories for your fleet vans and trucks. Blending cutting-edge technology with a love of improving the use and functionality of all vehicles is our hallmark. And every vehicle that comes through our shop receives our thorough attention to detail & the best craftsmanship. Our state-of-the-art shop handles every size and type of job.

Let Action Glass take your vehicle from factory functionality and comfortable transportation to a bold statement of first-class taste and a personal work of art.

Auto Glass


Action Glass LLC of East Windsor, CT can replace auto glass by appointment in our shop or on the road right when & where it happens. We all know the sinking feeling of hearing or seeing a rock fly off the road or from another vehicle and hit our windshield...

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Action Glass is constantly researching for and utilizes the utmost cutting-edge products for your in-car entertainment pleasure. Look stylish while enjoying an enhanced driving experience and overall better performance by upgrading your...

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Interior Restyling


Love your car but wish the interior seat coverings have a bit more pizzazz? At Action Glass we can help transform your vehicles interior to make as much of a statement as the exterior. We personalize US and internationally-manufactured automobiles with interiors that stand out...

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Reverse Sensing & Safety


Action Glass offers a variety of reverse safety products to reduce the risk of collision and maximize efficiency, including reversing cameras and alarms, ultrasonic proximity sensors and thermal image cameras. We offer a myriad of solutions to suit all motor vehicles...

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Comm. Truck & Van Upfitting


With the right experience and expertise, Action Glass designs and upfits contractor vans to help you surpass your competition and fulfill all your accessory needs– on and off the road. The use of interior shelves gives you greater access while preventing tools & loose objects...

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New Products


At Action Glass, we have our finger on the pulse of the newest, most innovative aftermarket car upgrade options and accessories in the industry. We use some of the biggest suppliers of innovative car accessories and upgrade parts.

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· Auto Glass Replacement
· Repairs of Chips or Cracks
· Auto Glass Removal & Installation
· Custom Cut Glass for Off Road &   Construction Equipment
· Leak Repair
· 12 Volt Repairs
· 12 Volt Auto Accessory   Replacement and Enhancements
· Remote Start Systems
· Security Alarm Systems

What we do:

· Overhead & Headrest DVD   Entertainment Systems
· In-Dash Navigation Systems
· Bluetooth Systems
· iPod Integration
· Satellite Radio Systems
· Reverse Sensing Systems
· Rear Sensing & Camera Systems
· Automobile Cruise Control
· Vehicle Tracking Systems
· Keyless Entry Systems

· Heated Seats
· Massage Seats
· Power Window Systems
· Power Door Lock Systems
· Automotive Air Conditioning Service
&  Installation
· Auxiliary & Emergency Lighting
· Truck/Van Accessories
· Van Upfitting
· OEM Radio Repair
· Ford Radio Exchange Center