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Love your car but wish the interior seat coverings have a bit more pizzazz?
Had your car for a while and want to return it to showroom condition?

At Action Glass we can help transform your vehicles interior to make as much of a statement as the exterior. We personalize US and internationally-manufactured automobiles with interiors that stand out from the crowd-to be your own expression of art.  Come see us for personalized quote with a wide variety of possibilities of material choices and color combinations!

Headrest DVD

Are we there yet?  Sound familiar?  If you are looking for an easy way to add a DVD headrest to your vehicle, Action Glass can replace your original factory headrests with a universal replacement DVD headrest to keep your back seat occupants entertained while you focus on the road.  Check out the selections available at and

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Heated Seats offers flexible heating technology and designs that allow your drivers and passengers to experience heated comfort in almost all of today’s makes & model vehicles. Perfect for long rides and commutes or cold days!

  • Heats up in seconds
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Built Durable and Tested Safe
  • Installs without Detection

Leather Seats

Many car owners love leather seats for their comfort and luxury feeling, sophisticated look and long term durability.  We offer such upgrades including options such as two-tone, stitch piping, contrast stitching, perforation, and even custom embroidery.  Take your vehicle to the next level of comfort while increasing it’s value!

Massage Seats

Have long commutes?  Stiff lower back?  If you are spending more than 1 hour at a time, or more in your car, a good car seat back massager can keep muscle from becoming too stiff from long periods of inactivity.

Rear Overhead DVD

If you need to keep more than 2 entertained in the back consider a roof mount overhead flip down LCD DVD player.  These are the most simplistic car video solution, especially if you have a 3rd row passenger vehicle. Check out the selections available at and

Keeping it Classic!  For most classic car enthusiasts, having a classic car is more than a hobby- it’s a passion & true love. Let us transform the car you love into the masterpiece it was when initially designed & manufactured to be. Our specialty-trained upholsterers can replicate or redesign your vehicle’s interior to restore it to the car’s original model year and keep its nostalgic look & feel.


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