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Interior Accessories

As the world keeps changing, so does the world of vehicle accessories and upgrade options.  Action Glass stays abreast of the latest car accessory trends, and is constantly researching for and utilizing the most cutting-edge products. So whether you’re looking for increasing your in-car driving experience or entertainment pleasure, we customized enhancements to your previously manufactured vehicle to satisfy you.

Are you looking to amp up the sound with a new radio with additional subwoofers for great surround sound?  Perhaps, you are a road warrior and need entertainment for those long drives. Below you will find some innovative features in car accessories and we are glad to upgrade your vehicle to your specifications.

Exterior Upgrades

Bug Deflectors/Bug Shield

Bug deflectors help prevent damage to the hood, windshield, and fenders from expensive-to-fix nicks and pesky bugs.  These shields will improve the look of your vehicle and protect your investment.

Mud Flaps

2 basic or customized flanges mud flaps come in different styles to keep most of what’s on the road off your vehicle.  Keep your car, van or truck and their wheel wells cleaner while keeping mud, snow and other debris where they belong-off your car!

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Power Replacement  & Heated Mirrors

We can replace your stationary or flawed side mirrors with a high-quality, even heated, power side mirror.  Most are OE-compatible and come with a limited manufacturer warranty.

Interior Upgrades


Replace a broken one or change a stationary antenna to the easy functionality of a power one!

Audio/Video System Upgrades

Increasing your enjoyability or vehicle value, upgrading the sound system can make those long commutes or vacation drives much more fun.  Try adding an overhead rear or headrest DVD system to keep your back seat occupied and entertained.

Compass/Temperature/Home Link – Monitor Mirrors

Your rearview mirror can offer so much more than just your reflection.  Come in to replace the ordinary with an optimal functioning mirror that includes a built-in compass display and current outdoor temperature.  Additional features include HomeLink which allows you to communicate wirelessly from your vehicle to operate garage door openers, home lighting and so much more.

Heated Seats

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it has to be inside.  We offer heated seats with high/low settings to make your driving experience a bit cozier on those chilly days and they work great with a remote starter!  Also, this luxury enhancement is perfect for stiff upper, lower back and lumbar areas.

OEM Integration

We specialize in automotive audio integration of iPod, USB and Bluetooth to connect your factory car stereo. These systems allow digital and analog processing so you can enjoy spectacular aftermarket sound without losing vehicle functions or major modifications to your dashboard.

Power Inverters

Power inverters convert your vehicle’s battery power to 120 V AC household power, allowing you to power up necessary worksite equipment and and even household appliances…all from your vehicle!

Radar Detectors

Are you always in a rush? If so, a radar detector will help you stay ticket free on the freeway. Be aware of your speed while traveling with a radar detector that let’s you know you’re approaching police cars equipped with traffic controlling emitters or “speed traps”.

Speakers & Subwoofers

If you like serious base in your acoustics, let Action Glass pump it up with speaker enhancements and subwoofer installation. Improve your overall sound quality of your existing OEM audio system to bring music to life in your car, SUV or truck.

In-Dash Accessories

Bluetooth Systems

Bluetooth systems allow you to stream music and safely make or take hands-free calls through your automotive stereo.

Cruise Control Systems

Sometimes you just want to sit back and cruise on the open highway and true road warriors are glad to get a little relief while racking up highway miles.  Adding a cruise control features allows you to do just that by controlling the speed of your car from destination to destination.

GPS Tracking

Always know for sure exactly where your vehicle is wherever you or your children are driving. Fleet managers and dispatchers are able to track their vehicles by logging into a location tracking system with this aftermarket add on.

iPod Integration Systems

Want to take your iPod’s or iPhone’s music with you wherever you go?  Well now you can with easy, adaptable iPod integration system.

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Navigation Systems

Getting lost is the worst and the days of hand written directions or printouts are a thing of the past.  Not to mention unsafe!   Let Action Glass install a top of the line, in-dahs navigation system for door-to-door mapping.

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Sirius/XM Systems

Sirius XM takes your listening pleasure to another level.  Whether its sports, music or talk radio, XM has almost 1,000 channels to enhance your driving experience.

Stereo Upgrade/Replacement

Not all cars have the best factory installed stereos. If you’re not satisfied with it, let us help you hand-select the one that will enhance your listening pleasure.

Lighting Accessories

Air Horns

Safety is a primary concern for all drivers and sometimes the original factory horn may not be enough.  Let us your concerns at ease by installing one that suits your needs.

Emergency Lighting & Strobes

Work as part of an emergency response team? Action Glass can add high-quality emergency lighting to your vehicle including lightbars, strobes, sirens, dash lights, and deck lights to your existing vehicle.

Interior LED Lighting

Car enthusiasts love adding flair to a simplistic vehicle.  LED lighting allows drivers to customize their exterior and interior lighting to their choice or colors and intensity.

Halogen & HID Lighting

Halogen & HID lights and strobes have a lens that spreads the light left and right in front of the vehicle.  They intensify more than your driving lights beam light down the road and increase your viewing distance.

Neon Lighting Kits

Let your car make a dramatic statement by adding some funky Neon lights.  Whether its in dash or underglow underbody lights, get ready stand out!

Remote Accessories

Alarm System

When you step out of your vehicle you should have the peace of mind that it will be there when you return. A choice alarm/security system can ensure your vehicle’s protection with the additional convenience feature like keyless entry, panic buttons and more!

Keyless Entry Systems

Have the convenience of locking or unlocking your vehicle with a handy keyless remote.  Keyless Entry remotes can lock or unlock the doors, open trunks and other functions to make your life a little easier.

Remote Starters

Depending on what part of the country you live in, it may be advantageous to cool it in hot weather or heat it in cold before driving it.  With a remote starter, this technology allows you to keep your vehicle safely locked while allowing the engine to start from considerable distance or before you run into the store.  Let Action Glass, install this modern convenience for you today!

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Smart Starts

Every time we think automotive technology has hit its peak, here comes more genius innovation. Now you can start your vehicle from anywhere in the world with Smart Start technology for your Android, iPhone or Blackberry devices. SmartStart has additional features including GPS tracking, home control, vehicle status, SmartSchedule, roadside assistance and even a parked car finder!

Reverse Safety

Reverse Camera Systems

This safety upgrade can improve reaction time to rear vehicle obstructions, decrease stopping time and makes driving at night safer and more comfortable.

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Reverse Monitors

Whether it’s a Sun Visor, In Dash or Rearview Mirror monitor, let Action Glass help you back up in safety.  We have several solutions to ensure the safety of those outside of your vehicle as well as an obstruction free, reverse driving path.

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Reverse Sensing Systems

These systems automatically engage and trigger sensors when the reverse gear is activated either in the front or rear of your vehicle.  As the vehicle approaches large objects (people, vehicles or large objects), it triggers a warning sound to make you aware of its proximity.

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Truck Tool Box & Truck Box Accessories

We know that most trucks used for landscaping or construction businesses require storage both inside and out.  That’s why we can install a vast selection of storage units to safely and securely transport the items that are necessary for your business.  These items include:

Steel & Aluminum Boxes
Crossovers Innersides Topside Boxes
Underbed Boxes
High-Capacity Chests
Trailer Tongue Boxes
Wheelwell Storage Units
Detachable/Portable Storage Chest
Tailgate Chests

Exterior Racks & Bars
Pick-Up Roof Racks for Cabs
Rear Bar Protector Screens
Contractor Assembly Racks
Full Body Racks/Service Rigs Body Racks

Interior Down Under-Holding Apparatus (DU-HA) Behind Seat Storage
Under Seat Storage
Backwall Storage



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  1. Greg

    11 / 21 / 2019 2:50 PM

    I can not say enough great things about the experience I had with Rich at Action Glass! They installed a power rear slider in my 2019 F150. Rich went out of his way to keep me informed of the progress of the installation. Sent me pictures and videos during the installation. The price was VERY fair but the service was assume!
    It was a pleasure to work with Rich and would not hesitate to recommend Action Glass to my family, friends, and strangers for any vehicle modification!





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